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Creative Design Bookworm for Book Lovers

Dutch design studio - Atelier 010, has completed the creative design bookshelf for people who like "sink" into the universe of read. Instead of going to the library to feel that sense of belonging is very beautiful universe, fully articulated with a book or escafe to the countryside, looking for tranquillity, you can now create smooth reading in the intimacy of your home. With a modern look and is ready to offer a unique experience, Bookworm not just keep your favorite items to read together, but also a warm seat.
Creative Design Bookworm
The Bookworm is a fun piece of furniture. Super splash of orange and fresh green enchance the reading experience. Orange is a color that indicates the acceleration of the creative process, while green is the color of freshness forever eternal. Shelves do not require additional support, it stands by itself with the steel base. Reveals an interesting curved shape sitting area, embedded in the center. It even has a light bulb is included to end your evening reading. Without being too pretentious, the Bookworm appropriate functional and creative modern enviroment, enrich your reading experience by making it more enjoyable and comfortable.
Creative Bookworm for Book Lovers
Bookworm for Book Lovers
Creative Design
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